Herd Capital Group is a real estate investment firm focused on buying multifamily properties in growing submarkets throughout Texas. We strategically acquire stable cash flowing properties with a value add component. Every transaction will have an opportunity to either increase revenue or decrease expenses in turn increasing the value of the property and raising returns for our investors.

Multifamily Sydication

Our team brings like-minded investors together to purchase large apartment complexes while providing a stable ROI

Private Equity Funding

Raise equity capital from investors and place it with experienced partners that have a proven track record of success

Joint Venture

We provide creative structuring for high net worth clients who would like to purchase an entire complex without the headache of managing the property

Why invest in apartments:

  1. Everyone needs a place to live
  2. Real Estate builds wealth better than any other investment vehicle
  3. Historically less risk and better returns than stocks/bonds
  4. Can lower your taxable income
  5. Home ownership is significantly dropping
  6. Demographic trends are creating a nation renters; i.e. Millennials, Baby Boomers
  7. Professional third-party management keeps operations streamlined
  8. Appreciation can be forced through rent growth and/or operational efficiency


* Herd Capital Group, the manager, seeks to achieve the stated objectives. There can be no guarantee the objectives will be met.

Thought Leaders

We are grateful for your interest in investing in one of our upcoming multifamily opportunities. Please note, all of your information will be kept private and not shared with any outside companies. To learn more about future offerings and take the first step toward partnering with us on a future deal, please click below to submit your inquiry, and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible. We look forward to getting to know you and your financial goals on a more personal level very soon.